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Here To Save The Day

If you go to .conf, you may see a number of folks running around in capes with the slogan “Splunk> Here to Save the Day”. These are the original Splunk Capes… produced by Rachel Perkins to award and recognize awesome members of the IRC and Answers community long before the Splunk Trust was created.

The original printing of the capes tie around the neck, and were mailed to community contributors sometime between Holidays 2012 to .conf2013, along with an enclosed card. At .conf2014, Clint Sharp was giving a segment of the keynote address around how Splunk can make you a superhero. As Clint is also an awesome member of the community, more capes were made and distributed (these ones happen to velcro around the neck and are a slightly different material) and an army of superheroes stood for the conclusion of his segment, to Clint’s surprise.

Independent of these capes, Splunk Field Marketing in the Asia Pacific region made their own capes, albiet using the “Because Ninjas Are Too Busy”. slogan. Others have made their own unofficial capes to show their Splunk fandom as well.

Per IRC chat logs dug out from 30 August 2012, it seems that Dave Paper is actually the one who came up with the idea of the official cape:

[13:19:29] <cerby>    derkferz: I'm offended. My acts are always included.
[13:19:44] <cerby>    amrit|wrk: I have a mission for you
[13:19:45]     * derkferz bows to cerby
[13:19:49] <cerby>    should you choose to accept it.
[13:19:50] <amrit|wrk>        sup
[13:19:56] <cerby>    Capes.
[13:19:58] <^Brian^>  morning amrit|wrk
[13:19:59] <cerby>    Forget t-shirts.
[13:20:03] <cerby>    Forget coffee mugs.
[13:20:03] <madscient>        whoa. capes.
[13:20:04] <amrit|wrk>        i don't understand
[13:20:05] <amrit|wrk>        oh!
[13:20:07] <amrit|wrk>        capes!
[13:20:10] <cerby>    Splunk needs to create Splunk caps
[13:20:14] <cerby>    Splunk capes
[13:20:15] <amrit|wrk>        yes
[13:20:15] <madscient>        or capes even
[13:20:17] <amrit|wrk>        YES
[13:20:28] <cerby>    Splunk> Yes, I am here to save the day.
[13:20:32] <cerby>    Get on that.
[13:20:35] <^Brian^>  cerby: the winnar is you!
[13:20:36] <cerby>    I'll be your Splunk cape beta tester.
[13:20:40] <derkferz> well, "be an IT superhero" is one of their marketing sayings
[13:20:44] <amrit|wrk>        that is genius
[13:20:49] <amrit|wrk>        i have forwarded said request
[13:20:54] <derkferz> ergo, capes are apropos
[13:20:57] <madscient>        what better opportunity to bring back the "Splunk > IT Proctology"  tagline.
[13:21:04] <hexx0>    Splunk> EVERYONE BACK THE F*$&% OFF, I KNOW EVAL()
[13:21:04] <amrit|wrk>        hahaha
[13:21:04] <^Brian^>  madscient: hahah
[13:21:06] <cerby>    madscient: AHAHAHAHAHA
[13:21:20] <cerby>    hexx - ahaha. thank you. that is awesome.
[13:21:29] <PaulB>    heh


A Pair of Second Version Capes

Featuring: Anthony Reinke & Charlie Huggard
Contributed by Scott Quigley

The cape card

Contributed by Duane Waddle

Left to Right: V2, V1, & APAC

Featuring: Mason Morales, Charlie Huggard & Doug Brown


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