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Holiday Gifts (holiday)

These entries were sent to specific customers and partners as holiday gifts. Often times these are speakers at various Splunk run events (.conf / Live), but exactly how the recipient list is determined is a bit of a mystery.

Placeholders (stub)

These entries are placeholders for swag that is known to exist, but more information (e.g. origin stories, attribution, better pictures) are needed before we call it complete. URLs for these entries are more likely to change versus other entries. If you have more information, corrections, and/or media related to any of these entries please contribute!

T-Shirts (tshirt)

Splunk has been referred to as a T-Shirt company that solves a big data problem. Consequently most Splunk swag likewise takes the form of T-Shirts.

Splunk WIT (wit)

Entries associated with Splunk’s Women in Technology (#SplunkWiT)

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