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"Office Space" Laptop

As part of a survey leading up to .conf2017, attendees were asked what do you do after discovering ransomware on your laptop. A fairly significant number choose “Completely and utterly destroy the laptop”. So at the end of his section of the keynote Nate McKervey, turned over the laptop to Karandeep Bains, Kelly Kitagawa, and Amrit Bath to get the job done.

Splunk’s media team really did a good job recreating the scene from Office Space. Afterwards, Nate McKervey and Jason Hupka took some of the pieces and set them into resin as mementos. These were then given to a number of the Splunk Trust members during the 2018 Splunk Trust Summit.


Pieces and Resin Blocks


Shift key


Delete key



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11 June 2018
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11 June 2018

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