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In May 2017, these shirts were made for a team building kite flying event for a newly formed agile development team based in Splunk’s Shanghai office.

The front of the shirt reads 我们 与 夏天 只有 一 个 (buttercup on a kite) 的 距 离 which translates to “We only have a kite’s distance until summer.”

As Buttercup is on the kite, Michael Luo points out that you could also say it translates to “We are only a ‘pony’ far from summer.” Since “pony” and the word for “code” are pronounced the same in Chinese, it could also be a reminder to fix all of the bugs before summer comes. (just kidding!)



Contributed by Joan Yan


Contributed by Joan Yan



30 April 2018
Last Modified:
15 July 2018

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