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Carasso's Jungle

David Carasso was a prankster and troll extraordinaire (hence why he’s the red joker) but occasionally someone would flip the script and pull off a brilliant trick on him. When the company was at 118 King, Engineering had to move from the 5th floor down to the 4th floor and this may have been the first time Splunk hired actual movers. The move was very carefully planned, such that every piece of furniture, computer, plant etc, was all labeled for a particular grid-sector of the floorplan. All you had to do was have the right label on each object, and it would end up close to its intended location.

Some combination of Ashley Jones, Ben Strawbridge, and/or Rory Greene came up with the idea and implemented relabeling of all the potted plants to redirect them to David’s desk. And they did… Every single green fan-palm or potted plant in the entire floor, ended up stacked in front of his desk. Everyone, including David, thought this was the best thing ever. David moved the plants to make a wall around his area, which stayed for at least a couple weeks, becoming known as “The Jungle”.


13 August 2017
Last Modified:
28 May 2018

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