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While rhymes with drunk is no longer a publicly printed or available slogan, It doesn’t mean certain special occasions haven’t been marked with various bottles.

When Splunk had their IPO, custom bottles of Johnny Walker Gold were engraved, distributed to employees, and consumed in celebration.

When IT Service Intelligence was released, Splunk had an employee party at a winery in Livermore where you can make your own wine blends. Nine teams created their own wine blend and the one that was picked as the favorite was bottled, custom labeled and distributed to all. Reportedly the wine itself wasn’t as good as the camaraderie.

In 2017, there was an off-site team building done with the Web Marketing team. This event produced the “drunk>” wine, but yet again the bottle itself is more interesting than the wine contained therein.

Splunk Legal had a team event resulting in custom bottles of wine as well.


IPO day Johnny Walker Gold

Contributed by Rachel Perkins

ITSI Launch

Contributed by Chris Gales

Web Marketing

Contributed by Kyle Smith

Legal Team

Contributed by Anne Ortel


24 August 2017
Last Modified:
17 April 2019

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