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Rhymes with drunk

So Jef Bekes, Nick Mealy, and a few other UI folks were sitting around trying to come up with a slogan for a coozie. Either Jef or Nick threw out this line, and it got the biggest laugh. After the initial coozie, a variety of other barware was produced with this slogan; including a second coozie with a finished edge, a shot glass, and a pint glass.

This slogan and barware was available at the Splunk store until just after the IPO, at which point legal made it disappear. There was a box of the pint glasses / shot glasses in the marketing closet in 2012, but various employees slowly acquired the pieces themselves or for friends. There may still be some left at the warehouse, but no one is allowed to order it.


Shot Glass

Contributed by Eric Miller

Beer Glass

Contributed by Eric "Maverick" Garner


Contributed by Jack Coates

Both Coozies

Contributed by Nick Mealy


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22 August 2017
Last Modified:
11 June 2018

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